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Delft, The Netherlands


After graduating with a BSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion, Israel, and working in the field for a year, I decided to instead devote my time and abilities to crafting meaningful experiences for actual humans in the form of games. Since then, I've been exploring and independently developing my skills in various fields of game development from scratch — programming, design (game, narrative and world), shading, VFX, tool making, modeling, animation and anything else I found the opportunity to dabble in. In that time I've worked with a small team on Good Boy — a narrative game submitted as their animation thesis project, and on Snocks and Mother — personal projects developed entirely by myself.

Feel free to contact me regarding any collaboration opportunities — I'm always open for suggestions, and would love to explore meaningful worlds with talented teams and individuals.



Indie game development (personal projects)

Solo developer

  • Programming — gameplay, tools, shading

  • 3D modeling and texturing, VFX

  • World, character and game design


Indie game development (Good Boy — team project)

Lead programmer, 2D/3D generalist

  • Development of character controller, root motion system and developer tools

  • Game logic design and implementation

  • Narrative and gameplay design

  • Tech art and VFX, including 2D asset creation

  • 3D modeling, some animation


Technion — Israel Institute of Technology

Expansion and completion of an academic research project in the field of control for use in the industry

  • Vehicle, terrain and LRF simulation

  • Control and guidance design

  • Statistical analysis

  • GUI design and implementation

  • 3D animation tool creation


Defense industry

Aerospace control engineer


  • Operations research

  • Analysis tool design and development



BSc in Aerospace Engineering — summa cum laude

Technion — Israel Institute of Technology

  • 94.0 grade average

  • Participant in the "Gvahim" excellence program

  • President's list honors student in semesters 1, 2, 3, 6

  • Dean's list honors student in semesters 5, 7

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